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Please find below the answer to the frequently asked questions for porn webmasters. ;)

Q: What kind of websites are accepted?

A: All kind of legal porn sites including fetish stuff as long as they comply with our ethic rules. We reject all kind of "adult sites" which show bestiality, rape, extreme torture/gore/dead bodies or any other material which may offend people just searching for good porn.

Q: I've submitted my site, but I cant find it!

A: Every submitted site will be reviewed and it may take up to 1 month to get listed. So if you just submitted your site, please be patient.

Q: I've submitted my site a month ago and it is still not listed!

A: Tho we review every site, not every site will get listed. If you have clean and up-to-date content, no malware and an acceptable Alexarank it may just take some extra time. If not, your site may be crap and will not be listed - we don't notice for rejections, as there are too many to handle and those conversations may lead to offensive replies. Sorry for that.

Q: Do I have to place a backlink?
A: You don't have to place a backlink, but it is much appreciated.

Q: My site is listed, but it is in the wrong category.

A: If we have accepted your site, you got an email from us. Please reply with the category you think it fits better.

Q: My site was accepted, but I want it in the TOP10

A: Sorry, no way. Ranking is done by an algorithm which is based on Alexa, PR, popups, skimming traffic and a small boost by sent traffic. Apart from the fact that we don't want modified rankings, it is technically not possible. So the only way to increase your ranking is turning off popups/skimming, increase Alexa, PR or send us traffic.

Q: My site was accepted, but the screenshot is not accurate
A: Screenshots are provided by shrinktheweb and are automatically updated every 2 weeks. If you want a custom screenshot, please just send us one. :) Format: 200x150, JPEG - And MUST be a screenshot from somewhere of the page. In special cases we also allow Logos, as long as they are not misleading. 

Q: Your website is awesome and I want to link to it on all of my pages!
A: We undestand that you love as we do as well ;) Feel free to link it whereever you can. A link is always appreciated.