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Q: What is this here?

A: Welcome to - your most important porn ressource. :) IWP is a list of the most popular porn sites on the net. They are all listed in their category, ranked by traffic and quality. I guess that you will find your favorite porn site there. And no - nothing more. Just a great collection of awseome porn sites.

Q: Why should I register?

A: With a registered account you are able to create your own favorite-list by dragging all your favorite sites in your favorite-column, so they are easy to access. You will also get suggestions for porn sites people with similar favorites by mail if you want to.

Q: What about privacy?

A: Contact information may be used to communicate with you when necessary. Emails won't be given away to anyone.

Q: I am missing my favorites porns site. How TF can that happen?!

A: Great Scott! Immediately submit this site via our Submission Form.


Q: I don't find my favorite torrent or sharing-site!

A: Thats not a question, but we don't support illegal material. We want to keep this site as legal as possible.